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05 September 2006 @ 10:49 pm
Lincoln was pacing in the empty grain refinery that they had taken up residence in for the moment. Michael had taken off trying to save Dr. Sara Tancredi, which Lincoln wasn't exactly shocked to see. He had seen a few of the doctors passing the fence line when they were on the inside, and Lincoln also knew very well how personal he made things. Michael accepted blame even when it wasn't his to take, being on the outside of the walls of Fox River was proof of that.

As much as Lincoln wanted to look toward his future, he couldn't help but be stuck thinking about his past. His shoulder pressed hard against the frame of the large open doors, leaning his frame and putting all his weight on one foot, while the other crossed lazily in front. His eyes were focused outward, into the horizon as he thought to his last meal... the first one... the first time he was supposed to die. He had asked for blueberry pancakes, and all he could think about was LJ. His trial was set for the next morning, and there wasn't anything he could do.

Lincoln had but one chance to get to his son, and the risk was extremely high. But the risk he had already taken felt like more than enough to justify risking it all, he'd risk everything to have his son with him. He could take that one chance, and maybe... maybe it would actually work out.

The natives were restless though, he could hear the low whispers behind him, wondering where Michael had gone off to, and a few words about leaving. He turned around pushing his weight off the framing, "You want to leave? Go right ahead. Michael's the only one that's managed to get you this far, but you think you can go it alone? I'm not going to stop you. Just think maybe we should give him some time is all."
24 August 2006 @ 10:38 pm
Sara rolled over in her bed onto her back, feeling the crisp sheets beneath her. It had been an hour since she had been rolled into this room, and was instructed to try to get some sleep. Sleep. There was something she wondered if she'd ever have again. Her whole body felt weak, drained. Her eyes burned and she desperately longed to sleep...but when she slept she would dream. His face would find its way into her mind the second she closed her eyes. And right now, she didn't think she could handle that.

How humiliating to have a colleague, someone she had worked with and respected be the one to help her like this? All in all, it was probably better to have someone who "cared" about her. Someone who cared. The number of people who cared about her she could count on less than one hand. She was, without a doubt alone in the world. Her father's office had called, extending their sympathies but that he was 'far too busy' to personally make it down to see her. She figured as much. But still, a part of her couldn't help but hope that the fatherly instinct would kick in and he would come to see her, even if it was to give her his condescending words to her...at least he would be there, and she wouldn't be alone in the dark room, the only sound being the beeping of machines next to her bedside.

Rolling over onto her side again, she slid her fingers along the cool metal of the railing on the bed. Wanting desperately to just get up and walk out of here, leave all this behind and start anew in a place no one knew or cared who she was or what her past was. But in the cold reality of the world, that place does not exist.
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24 August 2006 @ 04:45 pm
Alrighty, we are starting tonight [WOOT!] - we still have characters open, so if anyone wants to join, they can do so and then jump right on in.

The time is 2am on the night of the escape

  • Sara is in the hospital. Awake but still a bit groggy from her ordeal.
  • Everyone else is at Jack's cabin, waiting on the plane that will take them to Mexico in the morning.
  • Veronica has died. While on the phone with Lincoln. [this we are keeping canon]
  • Michael has just left the cabin to go after Sara.

    *You can have your characters doing anything, really. Lincoln can be trying to figure out a way to get LJ, T-Bag and Abruzzi can be fighting over something, Sucre can be sleeping. LOL really whatever you want them to be doing, go for it.*

    - Start a new thread or join in one -
    06 August 2006 @ 03:21 am

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    Sample: [write up a good sized opening post for your character, based off the events given from the finale and/or the set-up - you may also use this if/when you are accepted]

    All comments are screened:)